Minoxidil is available in various strengths, 2%, 4% and 5%.

It is dispensed in lotion form and is applied to the scalp twice a day, 12 hours apart by spraying or rubbing into the affected areas of the scalp.

Once you start it is important to stay committed, because improvement will not occur overnight. It may take several months for any changes to occur and if you stop using Minoxidil, any benefits will be lost and the normal hair loss process will start again.

Application of Minoxidil can easily be incorporated into a daily routine and only takes a few seconds to use. It is usually applied first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

People respond in different ways to Minoxidil therapy but generally after some months you may notice less hair falling, new hair may be soft and downy and later on could change to be like the rest of your hair.

This product has recently become available "over the counter" and can be purchased at most chemists for approx. £60 for two months treatment.

Frontline Medicine is happy to offer this product to its patients for only £35 for two months treatment.

Why pay more?

Minoxidil 4 – 5 % (2 months, 120mls) Cost only £35.00

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