Research has shown that a large proportion of women reporting hairloss were shown to have low iron stores (measured as serum ferritin) compared to women without hairloss. The main reason for this is the loss of blood during menstruation, which is just enough to cause a gradual depletion of iron stores, especially in women who eat little or no red meat.

Research has shown that if the iron deficiency is corrected and the serum ferritin level is raised to a certain trigger point, then hair growth will start. More hairs will be in the growing stage because the growing stage of the follicles is lengthened. Volume will gradually start to increase and excessive shedding will reduce.

Other nutrients also play an essential role in hair growth. The essential amino acid, Lysine, has been shown to play an important part in hair growth. This is low in many people's diets, particularly those who eat little or no red meat.

If hairloss is caused by a nutritional shortfall, it can take years to occur and therefore cannot be corrected overnight. Research has shown that to increase ferritin levels quickly, you will need a high strength iron supplement giving you 72mg of elemental iron a day, for the first three months and then 24mg per day, or double this if you suffer from heavy periods or have a diet deficient if red meat. For many women the iron intake will not have the desired effect unless they also take 1.5g Lysine and Vitamin C and B12 to help the iron absorption.

Florisene® has been formulated to provide these essential nutrients to help maximise hair growth in women. From start of treatment, the minimum time before reduction in hair shedding will be noticed is 10 -12 weeks and the average time is 16 weeks. It may take much longer to notice the benefits in terms of hair volume because of the time it takes for hair to grow long enough to contribute to the overall hair volume.

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