The New Influenza treatment from GlaxoWellcome is here now

This new treatment is now licensed in the UK.

Most of you will have read the verdict of NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and will know that it is not going to be available on the National Health Service.

The common symptoms of Flu are -



Body aches,

Loss of Appetite,


Severe Cough

There is little doubt that this medication will shorten the amount of time that you are debilitated by flu by between one and a half and two days.

There are two ways of using the medication -

1) If you think you have been in contact with flu (workmate or office staff off work with flu ) you can take the five day course and probably prevent yourself from getting the flu at all.

2) If you have early symptoms of flu and have been in contact then starting the medication within 48hrs will shorten the duration of the illness as above

How Does it Work ?

The medication inhibits an enzyme called neuraminidase that usually allows newly formed virus particles to escape from their host cell into your general circulation and so infect more cells. Because this product acts locally via a diskhaler its action is very fast and the reduction of spread is rapid. In this way it allows the bodies own immune system to clear the virus more rapidly than it is spreading earlier in the illness. Leading to a decrease in symptom time by one to two days.


The medication is a powder that is inhaled via a diskhaler. You take one dose twice a day for a total of five days.


The earlier you treat the better the effects for this medication so we have a hotline and will see you within 24hrs. The medication is not available on the NHS.


Medication should be available in the private sector for £40

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